Wedding guests want to have fun!

As you plan your NW wedding, you may find you can easily get caught up with some of the tiniest of details. Some details are important, while others are a waste of time.  So how do you know what’s really important and what ideas to throw out the window?

You want to have happy memories; you want your guests to have a wonderful and memorable time, so how do you make that happen? First, do not be one of those brides that make your bridesmaids count down as they are walking down the aisle. This will make your bridal party nervous and look ridiculous! Don’t worry if one little thing is out of order, your guests probably won’t even notice! The more relaxed you and your guests are, the better the pictures and video will look!

Modern Bride had a poll back in 2009 and asked wedding guests what they remember at a wedding. The number one thing people remember at a wedding is the entertainment! Second thing they remember is the wedding dress! Third, the food/venue, and fourth is the flowers and décor. Many common mistakes that couples make, is spending way too much money on the venue/food, flowers, and décor when guests don’t really remember the smaller details.

Many couples will have money “leftover” or too small of a budget for the wedding entertainment. In fact, most couples budget about $500 for a DJ! This is NOT enough money for a professional and reputable DJ! If entertainment is the number one thing that is remembered at your wedding, set aside anywhere from $800 to $2500 for your DJ/entertainment services in Portland, OR. If you are considering having a band entertain you and your guests budget ($1500-$7000) in Portland. If that is too much money, have a guitar player during your ceremony and cocktail hour. If you choose to have a band or live musicians, plan to pay each band member around $40-100 per hour. Give your guests a variety of entertainment. Some couples are incorporating fire dancers, comedians, and string quartets; this is an awesome alternative to your standard entertainment. You do not have to hire just a DJ, or just a band, hire both!

Most important, people will remember if they had fun or not. Number one reason people leave a wedding early is because they were not having fun! They won’t leave because there were not enough flowers, but they will leave if they don’t know what’s going on. A professional MC can help with that issue, so plan on hiring a professional that can keep the event flowing the entire time. Best investment you will make.

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